My Wedding Date

I’ve been engaged for almost a year now, and during this time, I’ve been trying to find the perfect date for my wedding. I wanted the wedding date to be in 2014 (to give us time to prepare) and for it to fall on a day that was already symbolic to my fiancée and me. I looked up May 1st, (the day God revealed my wife to me via a dream), but that fell on a Thursday. Then I looked up June 12th, (the day I actually confronted her about the dream) but that fell on a Thursday as well. So I went forward on the calendar and looked up July 21st, (the day we got engaged) but that fell on a Monday. Finally, I looked up both of our birthdays, March 24th and June 20th, but they fell on a weekday. I got a little discouraged because neither of those days fell on a Saturday. We wanted to get married on a Saturday, preferably in the summer time. So, I utilized my last option. I prayed and asked God to show me which day He wanted us to get married on.


God came to me in a dream on Thursday, April 11th, and in my dream, I saw four bright white numbers (06:28) flashing back and forth, in the shape of a digital time clock. When I woke up, I began to wonder what the dream meant, and the Holy Spirit unctioned me to look up 06/28 on the calendar for the year 2014. When I did, I noticed the date fell on a Saturday; A Saturday in the summer! As if that divine sign wasn’t enough, I told God if that was the day for my wedding, to confirm it by the mouth of 2-3 witnesses.

Then two hours later, one of the prophets from my church called me and randomly asked me had God given me a date for my wedding yet. “Yes!” I told him. That was one confirmation.

Then, I called my fiancée to tell her about my dream—that I believe God was leading us to get married on June 28th. To my surprise, she said that she had ran across an article online about the biblical meaning of numbers, and according to that study, the number 28 means “Being Led by the Holy Spirit.” And I definitely believe I was being led by the Holy Spirit! That was my second confirmation.

That next Thursday night, I went to church for Bible study. And after service, one of the ministers in the church randomly approached me and my fiancée outside in the parking lot, and asked us what did the number 28 mean to us. We inquired why he wanted to know. Then he said that the number 28 has been in his spirit for days and he didn’t know exactly what it meant. But he felt led to ask us to see if we knew. It was meant for him to give it to us! He didn’t know it, but God was using him as my third confirmation! Praise God for confirming his word through the mouth of 2-3 witnesses!!!!! And for icing on the cake, we were coincidentally standing in front of a large sign with a phone number on it—And 28 was the last of the 10 digits.

I shared this testimony to say it is official. “This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it (Psalm 118:24).” The Bible says that God is not a man in which he shall lie. So I am making this prophecy public, to hold God accountable for the word I believe he has spoken. Psalm 138:2 says God magnifies His word above His very name. So I have faith that his word will come to pass! Amen.

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