Raise the Praise

Man, God is soo awesome! I had an awesome conversation with my brother in Christ before I came in to work this morning, and after we got off the phone, I was soo hype, that I started praising God on the side walk at my university. As I was dancing, a public bus pulled up into the campus, and the driver got out with her umbrella (because it was beginning to rain) and she ran past me to go the restroom before she had to get back on the bus to finish her route.

As she walked past me and saw me dancing in the rain, she smiled (because I seemed so joyous.) When I saw that my dancing made her smile, I said GOD BLESS YOU. And she said thank you, God bless you too…. A few minutes later, she came out the restroom and saw me still dancing. So when she passed me this time, I said, “LET ME SHARE MY TESTIMONY WITH YOU.”

I don’t know why, but I just opened up and told her my life story so she could understand why I was praising God so passionately like I was. I told her how I was raised up as a Muslim and as a Jehovah Witness and how I was confused about religion, so I spoke into the atmosphere and said that if there was a true God out there, to reveal himself to me. Then Jesus came into my life and showed me that he was the way, the truth and the life. I told her how I got kicked out my dad’s house after I became a Christian, but how God said that’s okay, he’ll be my Father and he’ll take me in. I told her how I got molested when I was younger but how God restored me and gave me a heart to forgive. I told her how I was full of pride and rebellion, but now I am more humble and submissive.

As I was sharing my testimony with her, she got filled with the Holy Ghost and started screaming and running in circles on the sidewalk… She almost dropped her umbrella. Then I grabbed her and hugged her really tight and told her that God loves her and that she is not forgotten. And she stared crying and speaking in tongues. Then we both praised God for like 5 mins and we both had got filled with the “holy laugh” …. I started prophecying to her, but don’t remember what I said… But she said she needed to hear a word from the Lord today and she thank God that he put a ram in the bush for her. She said the word was right on time. Then she thanked me again, said she loved me as her brother in christ, then she wiped her tears and got back on the bus.

Glory to God!!!! There is POWER in praise and there is power in testimony! It shifts the atmosphere!

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